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Tracking Attorney Marketing and Advertising
If You Don’t Know Where Your Client Contacts Are Coming From You Shouldn’t Be Spending a Dime On Marketing and Advertising

If you look to the left on this page (in fact, every page on this web site), you’ll see “Tracking” listed just under the Home Page link.  Why do I have this subject listed that high on the page?


Because it is THE most important step you can do in regards to growing your business.  With a simple glance, it can show you where your new client contacts are coming from….and where you should be spending (or not spending) your marketing and advertising dollars.  It is the lifeline of your business.

And do you know how many business owners, particularly service professionals, track where their new contacts come from?  It’s been my experience that 1 in 1,000 do any real tracking at all.

Perhaps it’s because they think they’ll have to invest in a software package or wade through tons of Excel spreadsheets to keep track of what brings in new business and what doesn’t.

Or perhaps they don’t want to put the time in to research what their marketing investment is doing.  What a huge mistake.  That’s like dropping 10 Grand in the markets and not doing any research.

Can you think of any sane individual that would to that?  Probably not.  Yet, I haven’t talked to a single attorney that could tell me what his marketing and advertising investments were doing for their business.  I get lot’s of guesses though.

Well, what if I was to tell you that you could spend less than $2 a year and only give up 60 seconds a day to know exactly where your new clients are coming from….and where you should be directing your advertising and marketing dollars.  Would that interest you?  Thought so.

Click here to see it…..I’ll wait.

Yep….That’s all it takes – a simple, small, spiral bound notebook.  Just like the one you used in grade school to note what homework assignments you had for the day.

That’s all you need…..plus a minor modification to the way you “meet and greet” potential clients.

From now on, and every single day till you retire, whenever:

  • You, or anyone that works for you, answers the phone in your office, right after exchanging pleasantries, ask the potential client “How Did You Get My/Our Phone Number” – and write the source down in the notebook.
  • Open up your e-mail, and call the phone number listed for a potential new client, ask them “How Did You Get My E-mail Address” – and write the source down in the notebook.  Don’t just assume they found your web site by doing an Internet search.  Perhaps they found your ad in the yellow pages and then went to your site.  Or, a prior client gave them your name and they hopped online. With e-mail contacts you never know – so write it down.
  • You’re working from a home office at night or on weekends – have your notepad right on the desk next to the phone and PC.

Just note the date in the notebook – and each-and-every working day, keep track of your contacts.

As you begin to use the notebook the first couple of weeks, take a peek at it late on a Friday afternoon to see what the past weeks looked like.  After glancing at it for several weeks, this information becomes a goldmine because:

  • If you see that a majority of your contacts are referrals, it’s obvious your web site is basically invisible and your yellow page ad might as well be lining a bird cage.
  • If most of your contacts are from your web site, you need help with referrals and perhaps take a look at your yellow page investment.
  • If you’ve invested in radio ads on a couple of stations, you’ll know instantly if it’s working….and which station is sending potential clients your way and which one is not (It’s the same with TV).
  • You can see that the “paid search” programs you’re paying good money for to run on Google and Yahoo are doing nothing but goosing their stock prices….they haven’t generated a single contact.
  • It turns out that the $5,000 a year you pay to Findlaw.com and Lawyers.com is maybe a break-even investment.

With the notebook, you can take a step back and begin to determine where you should be investing your marketing and advertising dollars. Here’s a conversation you need to have with yourself.

  • My web site is producing no leads.  Should I consider a revamp of my web site given that 35% of all new attorney contacts are generated by Google, Yahoo and MSN?  Or do I do something different regarding the Internet?
  • My yellow page ad is getting me only one or two clients a year.  Is it worth the investment or should I cancel it?
  • If a competitor of mine is getting 50% of her business from referrals, what am I doing wrong?

The bottom line is this – if you do not track where your new business is coming from, you’re gambling with your business.

You’ll continue wasting revenue on marketing and advertising and your business growth will remain stagnant…or worse, dry up as your competitors take your business (particularly through the Internet).

Or, you can spend $2….and give up 60 seconds a day….to fuel your business growth.

If you learn nothing else from this website, I’d like you to do this….today – On the way home tonight, or during lunch, stop by one of the large, big-box Pharmacy Chains.  They have a school supply section in every store.  Grab several 3×5 notebooks (a smaller size if you can find them), put it on your jacket pocket or purse….and don’t work another day without it.

Tracking is Step Number 1 in turning your practice into a money machine.

Here’s to your success.