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Efficient Attorney Referral System Using Business Card Science
How To Effectively Use Business Cards To Jump-Start Your Practice

Your business card is probably the most valuable networking tool you have in getting referrals.  It is the most powerful, single tool an attorney can invest in. Think about it – It’s a small, low-cost, low-tech marketing tool that works for you….long after it’s left your hand.


Just below, you’ll see a number of ways to use your business card in ways you never thought of.  Use these ideas and you’ll begin to see your client referrals increase.

Business Card Idea #1:  I wish I could claim ownership on this idea – but I can’t. I think it belongs to one of the most successful Real Estate Agents in the South East.  It is the single most powerful change you can make to a business card.  The next time you have business cards printed (heck, I’d suggest you go out and have this done now) utilize the empty space on the back of your card.  Have this printed on the back:

By Referral Only:

We invest 100% of our time and energy to delivering first-class service to our clients.  As a result, our valued clients and friends refer their family, friends and work associates to us for advice on their legal matters. We’re interested in building strong, life long relationships, one person at a time and would appreciate your help.  Let us know who you are – We take care of those who help us grow our business.

Referring Name:
Referring Phone Number:

Whenever you hand your cards out, simply add this to the current statement you’re using – “If you know of anyone else that needs help, we have an interesting program that’s highlighted on the back of the card.”

As soon as anyone sees this, they know that you want referrals….and will take care of them for helping you.  And you don’t even have to open your mouth and talk about referrals to get the point across.

And whenever a “potential client” with one of these cards becomes a “paying client”, pick up the phone and call the individual that referred them.  Thank them, get their address….and take care of them.  Don’t be cheap with this and obviously no cash is involved.  Just be creative.

Word will get around that you take care of those who help you….and your referrals will take off.

If you’re looking for a very good printing company for your business cards, use Print Direct For Less– 1000 Color, Doubled Sided for $14. It’s a very good deal.

Business Card Idea #2:  Never go anywhere around town without your business cards – Always have a handful of them available.

Business Card Idea #3:  Never, ever give out just one business card – always give out three at a time.  Particularly, when you are using Business Card Idea #1.

Business Card Idea #4:  Always have a small box of your business cards in the glove box of you car because your car has a built in business card holder – your windshield wipers.  Just put a simple label on the wiper that reads “Take One” and stick a handful of your cards under the wiper.

Business Card Idea #5:  How many times a month do you eat out for lunch or dinner?  At least a couple of times, right?  At the restaurant, make sure you leave a tip and leave several cards with a simple “Thank You” written on the front.

Business Card Idea #6:  Do you have a couple of favorite lunch or dinner spots?  Then do this – Approach the owner and tell him or her you want to do a little cross promotion.  You ‘d like to have new business cards printed with name of their establishment printed in bold.  And underneath you’d like to have:

Legal Advice FREE – Compliments of (the establishments name)
This card good for one hour of FREE legal consultation for (Insert your Practice Specialties here).  One Free hour per person

Just below that, you add your firms name and contact info…and end with “This Card Must Be Presented To (insert your firms name here) For Redemption.

The establishments owner gets a bit of goodwill by giving a free offer away and you’ll be surprised how many new clients you pick-up each year.

Just place these new cards in a card holder at the checkout counter.  If they don’t have a checkout counter, the waiters and waitresses can hand them to their customers with the check.

One more thing, don’t forget to tell the Owner of the establishment you’ll take care of them for helping with this.  When you get new clients with this idea….take care of the owner.

Business Card Idea #7:  How many employees do you have?   Do you have an office manager?  Do you have a paralegal?   Do you have a law clerk?  If you have any employees, get them their own business cards with their title, name, number and e-mail address on them.

It’ll make them feel special….and when they feel special, they are much more likely to hand them out.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many new clients you get each year using this strategy.

Business Card Idea #8:  Is part of your practice devoted to Criminal Defense?  If so, how many magazine subscriptions do you have?  Instead of throwing them away when they’re old and tired, staple a bunch of your cards to the insides of the pages….and march yourself down to the jail and donate them. When the inmates are paging through the magazines, guess what they see.

Word gets around quickly on the inside – take advantage of your captive audience.

Better yet, have special business cards made up that say “Been Arrested? Here’s What You Need To Do” add your info, and staple those inside the mags.

If you handle Wills, Estates and Trusts, do the same thing – but donate your magazines at area Nursing homes and Retirements Centers.  By the way, if you don’t have any subscriptions, get some – it’s a cheap way to pick up new clients each year.

Utilize these ideas….don’t just read them and forget about them.  These are simple and low-cost ways to quadruple your Referrals.

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