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Want More New Clients?
Then Take Care Of Your Old Ones

There’s no secret here folks.  THE most successful business people I’ve ever worked with have done one thing very, very well.

And that one thing is….they keep in contact with their current and past customers at least once a month.

It’s not very extravagant.  It’s not expensive.   And it does not require a lot of effort.

And yet, when I bring this idea up, the first words I usually hear from my client is….

….that won’t work.

And that answer folks, is an absolute load of crap.

By simply keeping in touch with your former clients, and entertaining them a bit, you can turn your client list into a lead generation machine.

How effective can this strategy be for service professionals like yourself?

It can be so effective that within 36 months of implementation, you very well might not ever have to spend another dime on marketing or advertising your business – period.  Yes, it is that powerful.

And the best way to keep in touch, without having to do any letter writing, is to publish and mail anewsletter to your clients – automatically, each and every month.

If you want to grow your business with this method, spend a few minutes at Jim Palmer’s Web Site – No Hassle Newsletters.

He’s one of the best newsletter publishers for service professionals in the U.S. – and he can start growing your business tomorrow.

The time to start this is now.  Do yourself a favor and pay attention to your former clients.  They can do more for your practice than you ever thought possible.


A successful Law Practice should get at least 50% of their new clients from referrals.

If that statement does not fit your practice, then discover a few ways that Attorneys can get more referrals for little or no cost.