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Client Referral Systems For Attorneys
Find Out What You’ve Been Missing and How To Take It To The Next Level

Want to hear something funny?  Over the years, I’ve asked hundreds of small business owners how they get new clients.  Almost all of them tell me the number one way they get new business is through referrals.

How To Get Customer Referrals

If you’re looking for ideas, this is the place. Just poke around a bit and near the bottom of this page, I have links to three pages of ideas for you to use.

For those of you really looking to jumpstart your practice with referrals, or creating and leveraging a network, I’d suggest you call or e-mail one of the best strategists in the legal industry – Tom Kane. If you ever wondered why “Big Law” has never really targeted the Internet to get new clients, it’s because many of these firms are very good at getting referrals and leveraging their networks. And Tom Kane can show you how to do it – just like Big Law does it – but on a Solo’s budget.

He can be reached at 941.343.3383 – or by e-mail at tkane@KaneConsultingInc.com


Then I ask them a second question – How do you manage your referral system?  All I get in response is a “deer in headlight” stare.

The fact is, even an average business will get “accidental referrals.”  And many of these businesses just assume that their clients will refer family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.  That is the wrong assumption to make and it’s costing you a fortune every year.

It’s only when you have a simple, low-cost or no-cost, step-by-step referral system in place that your business really begins to takes off.

A common misconception many professional have is that they think a referral system consists of asking for referrals.  For many businesses that is true.  But who likes to ask for referrals.  I don’t.  I hate it.  Years ago, when I used to ask for referrals, I would get so nervous my hands would sweat.  I didn’t want to impose on a client by asking them for a referral – heck, it made them feelalmost as uncomfortable as I was.

And since referrals make up perhaps 50% of a service professionals new clients (perhaps even more for attorneys), a systematic referral system makes so much more sense than just asking for them.

So, way back when, I decided to make a change.

I started doing a little research on how I could get a continuous stream of referrals without having to always ask for them.  After a bit of experimentation and testing, this is what I found:

The secret to getting referrals, without asking for them, was to implement a referral system.  So, i humbly offer you a three part referral system – where each part “feeds” the next.  The first two parts of the system are low-cost or no-cost, while the third does require a small monthly investment (it’s worth it!).

The three parts are:

1. Business Card Science
2. Referral Strategies
3. Dance With The One That Brought You

You certainly do not need to adopt every idea and strategy listed in these three sections.  But if you really want to see your referral business explode and perhaps eliminate a large chunk of the money you spend now on marketing and advertising, you’d be wise to pick at least one from each.

Let’s take a look at the first – Business Card Science.

Your business card is probably the most valuable networking tool you have in getting referrals. The simple business card is the most powerful single tool an attorney can invest in.  Think about it – It’s a small, low-cost, low-tech marketing tool that works for you….long after it’s left your hand….(click here to read the rest of Business Card Science)

The second part is Referral Strategies – here’s a more in-depth look.

Referral Strategies focus on how and where to get referrals….without having to ask your clients and with very little effort on your part….(click here to read the rest of Referral Strategies)

And the third – Dance With The One That Brought You – is where you will find a map to your very own treasure chest.

And you know what.  It’s been right in front of you for years.  The “treasure chest” is your client list – you remember them, right?  The ones that have paid your bills for years.  It’s time to “dance” with them….(click here to read the rest of Dance With The One That Brought You)

Just spend a few minutes reviewing these strategies and ideas. They’ve made a world of difference for hundreds upon hundreds of my former clients.

Just do what they’ve done and watch your #1 source for new business….get even better.