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DIY Guide To Effective
Attorney Yellowpage Advertising
Just a Few Hours and
Some Creativeness Is All It Takes

I could have spent 30 minutes or so putting together an effective guide to creating your yellowpage ads, but I decided not to.  Why should I, since perhaps the best available has already been done.

I mentioned a guys name earlier, a gentleman named Troy White.  He wrote this several years ago, and it’s the simplest, most common-sense guide to yellowpage ads I’ve ever seen.


If you’re just a visitor (not an attorney) and are looking to borrow this guide and republish it as your own…don’t. It’s copyrighted.  Enjoy.

Yellow Page Ad Rule #1: You must have a powerful headline – and possibly a different font from the rest of the ad

  • All Bold – NOT ALL CAPS – which is difficult to read – and never use your company name as the headline
  • Your ad must stand out from other ads (look at the ads in the section you’ll be advertising in and make yours look different, sound different, and have a completely different call to action than the others)
  • Either an attention getting headline – or a benefit based headline (WARNING! STOP! IF YOU ARE ABOUT TO….or the Fastest and Easiest Way To Lose Weight… For FREE)

Yellow Page Ad Rule #2: You must talk to the readers – not yourself

  • Use normal people talk not “advertising” talk – make it sound like a conversation you would say to a prospect the first time you try to get their attention
  • Again, you must contrast with others in the section – talk like one of them. Don’t pretend to be a multi-million dollar empire when you aren’t. Be yourself – act like you are “one of the boys – or girls”.
  • Write your ad as if you are talking to one person only. Most ads are written as if they are talking to a group (use words like you and yours – actually count the use of you and your versus I and we – there should be less than 5% of the use of I , me or we)
  • When people are looking at ads – they are typically interested in buying. You are talking to people who already have a desire for what you are offering. Take advantage of this and do what you need to force them to pick up the phone and CALL YOU RIGHT NOW.

Yellow Page Ad Rule #3: Make Your Ad As Long As It Needs To Be

  • There is a false belief that you must keep your ad as short as possible (again – false advice from people who have never been accountable for the results they get from their advertising. The more you tell the more you sell has always been true – and it always will be)
  • Always be addressing the benefits of what you provide to them – not the features. List out everything about you, your business, your product or service – then ask “so what?” – do you answer that? Do you tell them what it means to them? What is in it for them to read your ad and to call or come by your business?
  • BY FAR – the biggest mistake made – you MUST have a call to action (most people miss this one. Ask for them to take action – request your report – get their free coupon – book a free consultation – make it a limited time offer – or limited quantity – or a single day of the week)

That’s it.  Now get to work.

Remember, if you don’t have the time or “creative juices” to do this, you can learn more about having a professionally designed yellowbook ad that brings new clients to your practice, month after month, and get low, unpublished rates when you renew, by clicking here.