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Get A Yellowpages Ad That Works…
And Quite Possibly Run It
Year-after-Year For A Whole
Lot Less Than You’re Spending Now

I know that spending a lot of money on yellow page advertising….and getting little business from it can be frustrating.

If it’s any consolation, I know an Attorney that spent $74,000 last year on his yellow page ad in Manhattan, NY.  How do you think he feels?

Please, don’t pick up the phone and cancel your contract because of sub-par results. Remember, it’s not the Yellow Pages fault you’re not getting any business…it’s your ad’s fault.

So, why not let a pro do your new ad – and watch your profits soar.

On staff at The Attorneys ATM, is a woman by the name of Gail Jordan.

She’s perhaps one of the most talented Yellow Page Consultants in the Country.

Yes, she can design your ad. But more importantly, she knows the business extremely well because she was a Yellow Pages Sales Rep for more than a decade.

What does that mean to you?  Simply this – Gail knows what type of ad works….and she’s intimately familiar with the many available options and pricing structures you’re confronted with when making the decision to utilize the yellow pages or yellow books to market your practice.

Specifically, this is what to expect when you work with Gail:

  • You’ll discuss you goals, ROI and expectations

If you wish to utilize her skills further, she’ll then:

  • Interview your Publishers representatives and identify product options, current program(s), andPricing;
  • Get back with you and recommend advertising placement, size options including rough design layouts, and real pricing;
  • Have you sign-off on the final ad design and placement;
  • Implement your new ad.

If the Yellow Pages, or Yellow Book, still fits your practice, go ahead and contact Gail using the form below.  She’ll get back with you as soon as she can and then spend a few minutes discussing your practice and your goals.  It’s a painless way to find out what the yellow pages can really do for your practice.

Use the Form below To Get Professional Yellow Page Ad Help


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