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Dance With The One That Brought You
Actively Engage Your Former Clients….
And Watch Your Profits Soar

Dance With The One That Brought You – is where you will find a map to your very own treasure chest.

And you know what.  It’s been right in front of you for years.  The “treasure chest” is your client list – you remember them, right?  The ones that have payed your bills for years.  It’s time “to dance” with them.

Here’s a Simple and Low-Cost Technique That Can Grow Your Practice up to 30%


Okay – please listen up.  If you are not showing up on your former and current clients doorsteps by way of the U.S. mail….your herd (clients) is wandering around the field with no fence to keep them close to you.  They’re easy-pickings for your competitors…and even worse, you can forget about them pumping referral clients into your pipeline.


If you want to grow your business….

Stop Chasing After New Customers….
And Pay Attention To Your Old Ones

Think about it – are you willing to take a chance and miss-out on a boat-load of referrals because you didn’t make any attempt to stay in touch with your former clients?

I didn’t think so.  So this is what you have to do – You must contact your clients each and every month and give them a reason to send referrals your way.

It’s a heck of a lot cheaper, and easier, to get your old customers to send you new business, than it is to spend money on finding new ones.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, what is the best way to keep in touch?

The most profitable way is to send an entertaining newsletter or card every single month to your former clients – it’s the perfect way to stay in-touch and create an automated referral machine.

A newsletter or card sent to a client list is one of the most cost-effective, time-tested, work-horses of practice development.  It is a simple tool that will strengthen relationships with your former clients and enable you to be “top-of-mind” whenever your client knows someone that needs legal help.  The result – a huge boost to your bottom line.

For you skeptics out there – here’s an example of the power of the simple newsletter or card.

Five years ago, I worked with an attorney who was leaving his firm to venture out on his own.  One of his practice specialties was going to focus on Wills and Estates.

I helped him put together a direct-mail list aimed at wealthy clients, created a simple four-page newsletter, and he mailed it to 5000 homes over a 5 month period.

Over that time period, he spent well over $5,000 for this effort.

What did it get him?

More than $203,000 in new business.

More than $200k from a $5,000+ investment – That’s more than $40 earned for every $1 he spent.

All done with a simple print newsletter mailed to a “cold” mailing list.  If he did that, what can you expect with your own client list?

Will you get a $40 return for every $1 you spend?  No – that was an out-of-this-world ROI.

But you can expect between $5 and $20 dollars being deposited in your bank account, each and every month, for each dollar your spend – all of it from referrals.

Here’s another example – an Auto Dealer in Chicago I worked with.  His dealership had been using a client newsletter for years…and very successfully I might add. Early in 2004, he decided to cut this supposedly “unneeded expense.”  The result – his sales plummeted and ended up down more than 30% for the year.  His pipeline of repeat Customers and Referrals just dried up.

Care to guess what he added to his budget in 2005?  The newsletter – and sales for fiscal year 2005 were his highest ever.

So, what does a newsletter or card look like?  And what does it have inside?

Almost all newsletters and cards have the same content – it’s typically just modified to fit the industry.  For attorneys, they’ll have:

  • The Firms Name (and Logo if you have one)
  • Lawyer Jokes
  • Fun Facts
  • Trivia
  • Cartoons
  • Stupid Criminal Stories/Stupid Judge Stories
  • And….referral coupons your current clients can give to their friends, family and co-workers….with a promise that you’ll take care of them for sending referrals.

Now I know not many of you have the time or photo-shop experience to take this effort on.  But imagine having a newsletter published every month….automatically and all it would cost you is five minutes of your time.

Just below, I’ve listed two firms that publish a customized monthly newsletter or card – and I highly recommend them.  One has automated the newsletter publishing process while the other has automated the client card process.  Both companies have hundreds, if not thousands of clients, in many different industries.  And for the ROI they’ll get for you, it’s well worth the relatively small investment.

Every month, they’ll mail to your clients a fresh, new and entertaining newsletter or card.  And it takes only 5 minutes of your time each month – they handle the rest.   They even get it printed and mailed for you.

For newsletters, see Jim Palmer at No Hassle Newsletters.  Jim’s known in the Marketing World as the “Newsletter Guru” and has one of the best automated newsletter services in existence.  And…he’s a friend that I’ve recommended to clients for years.

For Client Cards, see Send Out Cards – I’ve never personally used this firm but I have a large number of former clients who do – and they love the service.

I really do hope you see how powerful and profitable newsletters and cards can be.

The last thing an attorney wants to do is cheat on the foundation of their entire business – The relationship you have with your clients.

A monthly newsletter or card will keep them coming back to your firm for life….and bring in a large number of profitable referrals to your firm every year.

P.S. If it was my money, I’d go with the newsletter….it never fails to work.