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“Does Your Website Make These Mistakes”

How’s your website doing right now?

Is it bringing in just a few clients each year?  Or worse…no clients at all?

Then let’s change that.  Here’s you chance to discover what mistakes your website is making now, plus what the search engines want….and need….in order for them to send potential clients to your website.  There is no fluff here – I’ll show you step-by-step, in an easy to follow format, how your website must be set up.

Who Will Benefit From Reviewing This E-Book?

This e-book will benefit solos, small firms, and even large firms as they increasingly turn to the Internet to attract new clients. Specifically, this e-book will help:

  • Attorneys on a shoe-string budget that need a website to attract new clients.
  • Attorneys with a successful practice that simply enjoy working on their own website…and want to make it a more effective marketing tool.
  • Successful Attorneys who are looking to grow their practice and would like an inside peek at what is needed to have a website that attracts potential clients…and use that knowledge when preparing to retain an outside firm to improve their website.

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