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Make more money….isn’t that the dream of every business person?  Yes….we all hope that we enjoy what we do for a living….but the bottom-line is money. And if you own and manage a law firm, to make more money, you need more clients. My name is Tom O’Leary….and I’d like to show you how.

For the last 16 years, I have been a Business Development Advisor to small and medium sized firms in the Trades, Automotive, Professional Services and Legal Industries.  These businesses specifically wanted to grow their businesses by utilizing smart marketing and advertising strategies.

And during that time, I have helped these firms generate more than $136 million in new revenue and thousands of new clients.  How was that done? It’s really very simple – they succeeded because they believed in my four “ground rules” for a successful business.

Here’s One Attorney’s Opinion Of What I Meant To His Practice
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The First Ground Rule:  When you see a marketing idea or strategy that’s phenomenally successful in a different industry than yours, open your eyes and ears. The ones that can really pump-up your bottom-line always come from elsewhere.

The Second Ground Rule:  There is only one justification for spending your cash on marketing and advertising – Revenue! Revenue! Revenue!

The Third Ground Rule:  Expect immediate and positive results from your marketing and advertising – if not, cancel it.

The Fourth Ground Rule:  Look at what your competitors are doing with their marketing and advertising….and do the opposite.

Why Am I Helping Attorneys Now?

It’s an interesting story, but since I know you’re busy, here is the “why and how” – you can look at it later if you care to.

The real story is this – The first Attorney that put my systems to work is now getting an additional 12 new clients a month – 9 of those from his redesigned websites that dominate his practice areas.  And the best part of these systems…they build upon each other.  The longer they are in use – the more new clients you get…year-after-year-after year.  (eds. note – he’s had to bring on another attorney to handle the workload.)

This attorney listened.  He learned.  And he believed.  I promise that when you heed my advice and take advantage of my experience, you won’t be the next victim of a smooth-talking sales rep, or regret that you could have avoided the costly traps they never tell you about.

I bet I’m a lot like you. My business is a serious subject. Each and every dime I invest in my marketing and advertising is my future and I don’t take it lightly. I, like you, have worked hard to get where I am. Just the thought of getting sold an “empty promise” that has a zero-chance of working gets my blood boiling. I don’t have the time for it…and I don’t need it messing with my bottom line. And I’m sure you feel the same.

You’ve achieved your dream of a solo practice or working for an established firm. Yet like many other service professionals, clients aren’t knocking your door down, burning up your phone lines or draining your bandwidth with hundreds of e-mail contacts. Yes, occasionally the phone rings and it’s a client. But, more often that not, when your phone rings it’s a:

  • Sales rep from the yellow pages or yellow book;
  • Sales rep from a radio station;
  • Sales rep from the local cable service or TV station;
  • Sales rep from a small, start-up Internet Company or a rep from one the legal related Internet Giants.

And you hear the same pitch from each one….their service or product has a phenomenal return on investment and it’s going to help increase your revenue. The problem is – very few do…most do not. And to top it all off, the services they offer are certainly not cheap. Heck, you’ve gotten so many of these calls over the years, you now tune them out or don’t believe a word they say. For the modern attorney, there are only five “mainstream” marketing methods that will help grow your practice. In order of importance and return on investment, they are:

  • Referral Methods and Strategies: Applies to every Attorney and every practice;
  • Internet Strategies: Applies to a majority of practices;
  • Yellow Pages Advertising: Yep, still works well for specific practice areas;
  • Television Ads: Applies to very specific practice areas only;
  • Radio Ads: Applies to very specific practice areas and geographical locations only.

Yet each time you invest in one of these methods, this is what happens. Someone in the vendors “Creative Groups”, who has a total of two days of training, will do this:

  • Look at the ads or websites their other attorney clients (your competition) are running;
  • And Copy It.

And what do you get for that? You advertise where your competitors do with the exact same ads they run. Or, your website looks and says the same things. Congratulations, you’ve just joined the other 98% of attorneys whose marketing and advertising dollars get flushed down the toilet every year.

Folks, the methods I mentioned above do work…it’s how they are being implemented that is causing your anger and frustration. So here’s what I’m going to do for you…..I’m going to change all that. I’m going to show you how to make your firm or practice dramatically different, and more successful, than any and every competitor in your marketplace. Just below (and to the left as well) you’ll see numerous topics regarding Lawyer Marketing and Attorney Advertising….and each topic is available, FREE of charge, for you to use. Review them – and see which topics apply to your practice…and discover just how quickly you can start growing your business with very little effort, or cost, on your part. I’ve been asked why give this information away. It’s simple – because I’ve mastered certain skills that make my clients a fortune….and by giving away much of it, I’m hoping that at some time in the future, you invest further in your growth by retaining my firm for more technical, but necessary, strategies.

And always remember, that if you need help growing your business, just click here to arrange yourfree 15 minute consultation – I’m not going to bite and I’m not going to engage in any sales B.S. Let’s find out where you are now, and where you want to go. And if we work together, so be it.

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